French Classic Dishes – Renewed, Refreshed, Remembered

The classics never go out of style…

There are some dishes you crave all year round and for all the years to come. That’s why we’re bringing back the Classics for the month of January! There’s a reason these favorites have withstood the tests of time.


  • FOIE À LA LYONNAISE – Sautéed grass-fed calf liver, bacon, caramelized onion
  • COQ-AU-VIN – Chicken braised in red wine, mushrooms and onions with buttered noodles
  • SOLE MEUNIÉRE – Pan-seared sole, brown butter sauce, herbed roasted potatoes, asparagus
  • CANARD À L’ORANGE – Pan-seared duct breast, Grand Marnier gastrique, fingerling potatoes, baby spinach

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